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Almond Ricotta Cake

I made the best cake this week, an Almond Ricotta Cake. I took creative license from another blogger recommended by Chez Bonne Femme. 

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You might want to practice making these gougères (little cheese puffs) for a little appetizer before your next party. Or you can follow this recipe.

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Bread Machine Bread – It’s Whole Wheat

  I hesitated to post about this bread. It is almost too simple and it is made in a bread machine. With all the heat, I just did not feel like firing up an oven. The bread machine was my … Continue reading

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Génoise A Party Cake

I have been derailed several times this year; the latest is/was an air conditioner problem. It always seems to take me a couple tries before I get things worked out. Does that happen to you? The repairman came, we thought … Continue reading

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Apricot Tart with Mascarpone and Honey Cream

Last season I made an Apricot Tart. I loved it and thought it was wonderful and it is. But, I found a new recipe and I probably will not bother to look for another, because this apricot Tart with Mascarpone … Continue reading

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Basic Brioche

While watching Herbert Keller cooking show on PBS I went on line to find the show. Then as usual I went down the rabbit hole of recipes and became distracted. I ended up not finding what I was looking for, … Continue reading

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Strawberry Galette

Finally, it’s strawberry season. I don’t think it is a coincidence that peak season for strawberries and Mothers’ Day coincides. I always think strawberries are Mother Nature’s gift to Mothers. I try to indulge as best I can when the … Continue reading

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Lemon Mini Bundt Cakes

I said before that I am always looking for a way to downsize recipes. When I make something unless I am taking it somewhere to feed a crowd I just want small portions. Then, I bumped into Mini Bundt Cakes … Continue reading

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Lemon Tassies – It’s The Little Things.

Thanks to all of you that commented or emailed me checking on me. I am so touched that with all the blogs out there you would miss me. What started out being a minor problem turned into more. It has … Continue reading

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OrangeYogurt Cake

If you need a quick cake to take to a Secret Santa Party, or lunch with a neighbor, or a potluck contribution. For all you empty nesters, or those of you that no longer require a big-o-cake, this cake is … Continue reading

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