Bowers Museum

Bowers Museum is a little museum tucked into the edge of Santa Ana, California.  It is rather small, but the collection of Botero was a delightful surprise.  It has been awhile since we visited, but when we were there the Botero Exhibit was on exhibit.  He is rather a unique artist.  Wikipedia defines his style as proportionally exaggerated (aka fat).  This was not for the faint of heart.  In fact this is where if there are any fat-averse people visiting they will run screaming from this collection.  However I loved each and everyone of his sculptures and painting.  Some are dark and some are comical.  Each tell a story.  The collection was quiet extensive and was more than I had expected.

I had my camera with me, but it was rather new, and clearly I did not know what I was doing since I had it on movie, then while downloading I ran into a glitch so I ended up photoless.  But not to worry there is always the internets as someone famous said.  Here are some photos from the Internet.  Botero

This collection is no longer there, but if you are ever in a city where he is on exhibit and you get the chance to see this exhibit it is well worth your time.

While writing this article to post I went to Bower’s website to get a link.  Low and behold the Fabregé Imperial Jeweler to the Tsars will be coming in June – January.  Oh my gosh, I’m in.  Fabregé


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