The Getty Villa

My niece and I ended up at The Villa by mistake.  Originally we planned to go to The Getty Center.  She made the arrangements online and somehow hit the wrong page.  She was not too happy with this mistake.  She is really a perfectionist and when she does something she thinks is wrong it really bothers her.  I on the other hand did not care because it was on the list of places for us to see.  Our intent was to try to have an outing every other month.  I told her what difference did it make since we will eventually get to The Getty Center.  It was a beautiful day and we headed out for a great outing.  Just look at the photo.  Even as pitiful as I am as a photographer this shot just thrills me.  Could we have had a more beautiful day?

The Getty Villa

If you get a chance to have a day trip put this on your list.

Thanks H. for a really fun day.


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