Powder Puff Cookies

MakeMineLemon - Powder Puff Cookies

Powder Puff Cookies

I just made the best little cookie. This recipe is sort of like a ladyfinger. Actually I think they are ladyfingers only in a cookie shape. They call for jam and whipped cream. Whipped cream and good jam, two of my favorite things. Ladyfingers and macrons have been on my bucket list for a very long time. These are cross between both. They are called Powder Puff Cookies and I can’t give them a higher recommendation. They look like the little round powder puff compact that was so popular in days gone by; you know the ones that ladies used to powder their shiny nose. These would be special for an Afternoon Tea or just when you want to treat your family.

MakeMineLemon - Powder Puff Cookies on Parchment

Powder Puff Cookies on Parchment

I whipped the egg whites, and then slowly added the sugar. then sifted the dry ingredients, and gently folded in the dry ingredients so not to deflate the egg whites. I piped them onto the parchment, but I think you could just use a spoon to drop a little pool of batter onto the parchment. I baked them for 7 minutes, but your oven may be different. I set the timer for 5 minutes, when I saw they were not done I added 2 more minutes.  Try to keep your cookies all the same size for even baking.

I hope you own a thin spatula, if not I would encourage you to purchase one; it helps when you remove the cookies onto a wire rack. I bought mine at Ikea. It is just a cheapy, but I like it for getting under anything delicate.

MakeMineLemon - Lots of Powder Puff Cookies

Lots of Powder Puff Cookies

When you whip your cream put the bowl and beater in the freezer to chill. It will whip quicker and a less likely to turn to butter. Also, sweeten with confectioner’s sugar. The cornstarch in the confectioner’s sugar will stabilize the whipped cream.

Use your best jam; one that is not so sweet. I used a mixed berry jam and I experimented with some caramel. Oh my goodness, so delicious. I am not sure which I like best. I am even thinking lemon curd would be delish.

After doing all the quality control I could manage, I placed the remainder in the freezer. They are like a delicate ice cream sandwich.

These Powder Puff Cookies made me feel I could make macrons. I have been putting them off thinking they were a little fussy to make. They will be going on the shortlist of my bucket list. I feel more confident than I was feeling a couple weeks ago with my coconut failures.  Thank you Laura Calder.

What is on your bucket list?

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Powder Puff Cookies
  • ½ cup all-purpose flour
  • ½ cup cornstarch
  • ¾ teaspoon cream of tartar
  • ½ teaspoon baking soda
  • 3 eggs, separated
  • ¾ cup caster sugar (superfine)
  • About ½ cup raspberry jam
  • About ¾ cup vanilla-flavored whipping cream, for the filling
  1. Mise en place ~ Gather ingredients
  2. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Preheat the oven to 425°F.
  3. Sift together the flour, cornstarch, cream of tartar, and baking soda into a bowl; set aside.
  4. Separate the eggs into two bowls.
  5. Beat the whites to soft peaks; add the sugar to the egg whites in 3 stages, beating after each addition to make a stiff, glossy meringue.
  6. Whisk in the egg yolks, 1 at a time.
  7. Sift dry mixture over the egg mixture; fold them in without beating or you'll lose volume.
  8. Pipe or drop by tablespoonful onto the baking sheets; leave room between them so they can spread.
  9. Bake until lightly golden, about 5 to 7 minutes.
  10. Remove the cookies to a rack to cool. They will harden slightly as they cool.
  11. Sandwich the rounds together with raspberry jam and sweetened and vanilla-flavored whipped cream.
  12. Let the sweets sit an hour or so to soften before serving.
Laura’s Note

This is important. They will not be sponge-like right away, and you want them to be. They need no dressing up, in my opinion, but you can dust with icing sugar (confectioners') before serving if you like.

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36 Responses to Powder Puff Cookies

  1. Lorrie says:

    These sound so very good. I have three of Laura Calder’s cookbooks and enjoy watching her videos on line, too.

    • Ms. Lemon says:

      Lorrie, I hope you will give these a try, they are delish. I have made several of Laura’s recipes and I was very happy with the results. She is just a treasure.

  2. How adorable. They really do look like little powder puffs.

  3. Monique says:

    I think I have to pin these..
    The cornstarch must make a great melt in your mouth texture.

    • Ms. Lemon says:

      Yes, Monique, they are like little poofs in taste and looks. I hope you will give them a try. Laura is a fellow Canadian with French influence. Said she was born in New Brunswick. I just find her delightful and so talented. I feel lucky to have found her.

  4. I’ve never been brave enough to even vaguely contemplate macarons, but these I feel I could manage. Love all the filling varieties you tried – loving the sound of caramel and lemon curd fillings.

    • Ms. Lemon says:

      I have delayed making macarons because I don’t do fussy, but I may give them a try. I think the only difference is macarons use almond flour. Stay tuned. 🙂

  5. Your powder puff cookies sound like eating a delicious little cloud. 🙂

    • Ms. Lemon says:

      Karen, they are a really light cookie, like a homemade ladyfinger. I am really happy with these. I think they have other possibilities, we’ll see if my plans work out or it is only in my head. Thanks for stopping by.


  6. These look fantastic. I actually thought they were macarons! I’ve been intimidated to make those, too. I’m pinning these, though!

  7. Cris says:

    They`re so so cute! ANd I bet they taste amazing 🙂

  8. These sound so fun and look wonderful. Definitely not your ordinary everyday cookie!

  9. Ms. Lemon says:

    Chris, these are a fun cookie. They are a really light cookie which was welcome since it was 102° last week.

  10. Kitty says:

    Ooh Madonna, what an adorable little cookie you’ve shared. I loved lady fingers when I was little, and you’ve recreated them in a round form. I must try these… perfect with a cuppa tea!

    • Ms. Lemon says:

      Kitty, I think you will like these. They are very light for the summer days when you want a sweet, but not something too heavy. Let me know if you make them. Thanks for stopping by.

  11. Stephanie says:

    This looks delicious! I would love for you share it on my Tasty Tuesday recipe link up here! Everything gets pinned and I would love to have you!

  12. Oh my gosh, those look good! I am now craving one of these for breakfast! lol. I’m not much of a baker but I’m willing to give this a try. My nephews are coming over this weekend and they could help me eat them up. Thanks for the recipe!

    • Ms. Lemon says:

      Let me know Robyn if you make them. My family gave them high ratings; I hope your family will also.


  13. Penny says:

    These are so cute. I know how you feel about tackling macrons. We had them in Paris and I am still intimidated.

    • Ms. Lemon says:

      How wonderful that you have first hand knowledge of what an authentic macaron tastes like. If I ever get to Paris I am going to take a class; wouldn’t that be fun?


  14. Leslie says:

    These look so good. They look cake like, I love those. I’m stopping by from the blog hop. I’m a new follower & I hope your having a great Wednesday.

  15. These are really cool! And the recipe does look a bit like that for ladyfingers. Very good looking cookies — thanks so much.

    • Ms. Lemon says:

      They received high marks here. They are pretty delicate, but even the guys liked them. Thanks as always for stopping by.


  16. These do look awfully yummy–Yes, I’d like mine with afternoon tea also. I would also like to try macrons. I have always wanted to make them and just haven’t. Would you believe that I have not ever tasted one before? Have a great night:)

    • Ms. Lemon says:

      I am just delighted over this recipe since I have had a few problems lately. I don’t do fussy recipes so I have put off making macarons, but if they are half as easy as these I think I can do it.

  17. Kim says:

    These look so dainty and sweet! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  18. Miz Helen says:

    Your Powder Puff Cookies would be so light and delicious. What a lovely presentation!
    Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend and thanks so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday.
    Be safe and come back soon!
    Miz Helen

  19. Adri says:

    These sound wonderful. I bet I would eat them all. I adore cookies, especially might ones like these. Add a little filling, and I am ready. Thanks for this one, the newest addition to my “must make it” list.

  20. Jann Olson says:

    The cookies look delicious and I love the name! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  21. Stephanie says:

    Thank you so much for linking up at Tasty Tuesday! Your recipe has been pinned to the Tasty Tuesday Pinterest board! Please join us again this week!

  22. Sandra says:

    These look light as a cloud and I would surely start with these before I’d attempt macarons.

    • Ms. Lemon says:

      These were so easy, but as I was piping them onto the cookie sheet I thought this is a good way to start. They really are a great little cookie, I hope you will give them a try. Thank you for leaving a comment, I am always thrilled for friendly feedback.

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